Course of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering


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1. ETC 3rd Sem Syllabus
2. ETC 4th Sem Syllabus
3. ETC 5th Sem Syllabus
4. ETC 6th Sem Syllabus

Lesson Plan:

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1. AE (4th Sem)
2. AD (5th Sem)
3. Advanced Communication (5th Sem)
4. Analog Electronics (4th Sem)
5. Basic Electronics (1st Sem)
6. Circuit Theory (3rd Sem)
7. Data_Communication (4th Sem)
8. Digital Electronics (3rd Sem)
9. Digital Signal Processing (6th Sem)
10. Electronics Measurement and Instrumentation (3rd Sem)
11. Environmental Studies (3rd Sem)
12. IOT (6th Sem)
13. IOT (6th Sem)
14. Microprocessor and Microcontroller (4th Sem)
15. Control System (6th Sem)

Question Bank:

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1. Coming Soon


  1. Analog Electronics Lab.
  2. Basic Etc. Lab.
  3. Power Etc. Lab.
  4. Digital Etc. Lab.
  5. Microprocessor Lab.
  6. Etc. Measurement Lab.
  7. Hardware maintenance Lab.